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klips32;47829 wrote:

Titan, one thing I am wondering is how many fillings did you have in your mouth? If I recall, you had those removed awhile back…just curious.

Keep on truckin!


Exactly my thoughts Raster..

And, how is your story of mercury exposure in the past? Did you grow up in a industrial area? Did you mother have many fillings and did you get breastfed by her?

How did you get your test done for mercury poisoning?

At last: Congrats, on feeling great again! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story

I had 3 fillings replaced with composite ones. Not sure if all of them were porcelain fused to metal fillings, but 2 were for sure. all 3 were metal for sure.

My mother had fillings yes, and she’s got a strong case of ADHD, very sensitive to the sun, etc. But there’s no way of knowing if it was transferred during pregnancy. Part of me does believe this could be possible, as this mercury medicine is providing relief from many cognitive/emotional/physical symptoms I’ve dealt with since childhood 🙂 – And I’ve heard of others even in youtube videos searches on metal toxicity or cutler protocol will show patients reporting the same feeling of relief from a life time of symptoms.

I did not grow up in industrial areas.

My test was a leap of faith – I took the medicine (only 5 mgs of DMPS to start) and I just knew on the first day that this was the answer. I was walking out of home depot about 3 hours after I took the first pill. I remember just getting a visual depth perception looking at the cars in the parking lot rows, then looking at the clouds, then looking at my hands and my arms and legs – – and then an intense feeling in my mind – – THIS IS THE ANSWER> HOLY SHIT> YOU FIGURED IT OUT.

Now, you can imagine my parent’s excitement/skepticism with this new discovery. By this point, I’m 8 months out of a divorce, 3 of which I spent with my parents in a complete manic depressive state – so they noticed an immediate difference in my behavior – but we had already scheduled a trip to Mayo Clinic – so off I went for a 2nd opinion. On the trip to Mayo, I had my doubts and expected to get the round around the same I did with local doctors.

Upon visiting with my assigned Dr. Hensrud in the Executive Health Program at Mayo (reserved for corporate employees from large businesses – but my father knew someone at Mayo and got me the appointment), then telling the Dr. my entire story and my experience following the Andrew Cutler Protocol and how I just started the DMPS mercury chelation medicine (by this point I had been on the medicine for approx. 2 months) – I completely expected him to tell me I was crazy and to stop the medicine. To my amazement, he knew about Mercury Poisoning and Andrew Cutler, and he determined that diagnosis was definitely mercury toxicity/poisoning because of my extreme relief of symptoms I had been experiencing on the medicine. What an awesome day that was.

He said typically you’ll have a long climb out of this, and you’ll experience the biggest progress in the beginning of therapy. Like climbing a mountain for 3 years, and you climb half of it within the first 6 months, then the rest can take years. Well – it’s been about 5 months – and HE WAS EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mayo Dr. did say they could run a “Heavy Metal Toxicity” urine analysis, but because I was already on the mercury medicine (remember I flew up to Seattle months before and visited nurse Julie Anderson, who is known for mercury toxicity treatment and prescribes medicine to out of town patients if they come visit her face to face) – Because I was on the medicine already, Dr. Hensrud said that the “metal toxicity test” won’t tell us anything we don’t already know, and there’s a chance the results won’t be positive because he’s already on the medicine. The test is where they give you a high dose of mercury medicine, then catch your urine midstream to analysis it for heavy metal toxicity – thing is – experts in the mercury world will tell you that this test has a reputation for being both inaccurate and DANGEROUS. If you want to do the test, my advice is research is thoroughly. In my opinion, its much safer to just take the DMPS or DMSA “starter” chelation in a very small milligram and see if you fell a difference. (You’ll have to have all of your metal fillings taken out and you have to do your research on the Andrew Cutler Protocol – he designed a safer way to take his medicine about 10 years ago).

My case went severe overnight, approx. 3 years ago. The medicine I’m on is wiping those extreme symptoms away, and opening my mind and body to relief from symptoms decades before that !!!!!

Oh, and I took a break from chelation (did DMPS continuously for 5 weeks, every 6 hours around the clock) – anyway – I’ve been OFF the medicine for a full week (if you miss a dose by more than 8 hours, you have to quit for a whole week), and all my new “powers” as I like to call them – have STAYED with ME. I even fell better when I’m off round because chelation therapy takes a lot out of you physically. The day I stopped the medicine, my depth perception was enhanced immediately, my energy more responsive to rebounding from working out (something I do maybe 2-3 times a day now!). Also, something I’m sure a lot of you would like to know – I can handle vodka, and I mean I had to work my way up – but now I can get drunk – and experience a typical hangover. If I overdo it (let’s say 8 vodka & waters, maybe a few sugar free redbulls), then I have a hangover and I’m very drained physically the next day – BUT I bounce back – sometimes within 6 hours the next day upon waking, sometimes it takes a full day to get back in to where my current strength is with running, jumping, yoga, flexibility, pushups, barbell curls, etc.)

I don’t recommend drinking on the protocol – I’m just sorta celebrating a lot right now, especially before I start ALA – I’ll have to completely avoid alcohol while on round with ALA, as that is very strong medicine.

Again, this medicine allows me to function as long as I avoid gluten, sugar, carbs, dairy, etc. That and I can feel it wiping away “stress triggers” and increasing my cognitive ability by remembering names, events, conversations, connection points, etc. Oh, and my focus gets stronger every week.

I have done the requisite 3 months of either DMSA or DMPS (I’ve actually done 5 months) – now I can add the “cure” chelator (kee-late-tor) ALA or Alpha Lipoic Acid. I will add this to my DMPS routine. It will be ALA every 3 hours and DMPS every 6 hours. I will take only take the ALA for 3 nights, 2 days (that is considered a ROUND of chelation therapy). I will stay on DMPS the entire time – as it will help with a resurgence of symptoms that happens when your ALA rounds are done and thus mercury has stopped being carried out of the body and then REDISTRIBUTES).

I will take breaks on DMPS for a week at a time every month or so, or if I miss a dose of course.

Most people take 60-100 rounds (weeks on the ALA medicine) to fully recover. That’s what I’m shooting for, but I’m here to tell you the miracle has already taken place with me – and it just keeps happening every day all the time. Even if I get a small panic attack or pain in my chest or I crash if I eat some sugar or dairy – even then – I wake up the next day and I feel recovered and I feel the medicine working to improve what my stomach, muscle, and nerves can handle. I can tell this is the cure, and that I will come out of this treatment a stronger, smarter, and more resilient person that I’ve ever known.

Love to all of you out there.