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Lauren – So many thousands of people have been helped by colonics, as the water pressure is only designed to go through to the descending, transverse, and ascending colon walls, which is just about the anal cavity. Then there is 20 feet of intestines, so I don’t see how the water can get that far, to be able to upset the flora. Of the hundreds of testimonies I’ve read, none of them has mentioned any trouble with offending the good flora.

Hemorrhoids are caused by a blood vessels getting backed up due to the pressure from the colon walls and them not being able to breathe. Ask any naturopath, as they are the ones that gave me the books on colon health that I read so many years ago. I read all this in the 80’s and to this day I can’t believe all the people I find that don’t know about colon health.

When my deceased Dad, who died in 04 after living 35 years, after he cured his blood cancer that 2 sets of Dr.’s and hospitals told him there was nothing he could do. He was 6’2″ and weighed 200, and dropped down to 125 when I saw him on his way to Hippocrates Institute in San Diego. The Institute was run by the lady of Wheatgrass, Ann Wigmore, who said to detoxify the body by detoxing the blood with the chlorophyl from wheatgrass, and cleaning the colon with colonics. Those two things cleansed the body to the point the body heals itself, just like a cut on your arm. So a month later I saw my dad after he had been at the institute and he had gained 10 lbs., and 8 months later he was back to 180, where he stayed for 35 years and in those years he ate psyllium husks with his vegan meals and wheatgrass juice daily for the first 3 or 4 years. It was watching his body come back to life and stay that way by eating only good food and keeping the colon clean by staying up on the fiber. But if the colon was not clean, my dad learned that the whole body cannot breathe properly, because the lymph nodes cannot let the lymph through the walls of the colon, if they were full of mucus from sugar and bleached flour.