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raster wrote: Jeremiah and dvjorge,

I’ve been reading your post and think you have some good information. I am trying to figure out what to do about my hemorrhoid problem that has been persistant for the last 10 years. I didn’t know what it was until about a month ago when I realized my leaky gut was healed…but I still had some blood after wiping in the bathroom. I did some research and I have a hemorrhoid problem.

I likely will have to see a specialist about it to see if there is anything they can do to fix the problem (non-surgically). As much as I’d like to take some supplements to heal the colon, the “roids” has been so persistent for so long that I am worried that this won’t be effective. I feel that its something that is preventing me from getting better because I need to urinate frequently (and at night) which causes me to get poor sleep. Hemorroids can cause this problem.

After writing these above two paragraphs, I feel that I’ve connected the dots with my candida problem. The reason I got ill in the first place was because my colon was filled with junk, and this caused a backlog (literally) up my bodily organs because the colon was full. This caused leaky gut to occur and for my hemorrhoids to occur because of the stoppage. I am pretty sure I have not fixed one of the necessary organs in my body that harbours candida…the colon, the drainpipe of the body.

One thing I am wondering though, what does a colon cleanout feel like? Does it hurt, is it uncomfortable, should I be concerned? I will talk to my doctor about this asap because if possible, I’d like to solve two problems with one treatment. I am unsure if I will ever do an enema, but I am interested in cleaning out the colon.


You won’t believe me. I had the hemorrhoids too and frequent urination that still persist a little bit. Well, the hemorrhoids disappeared gradually to the point I don’t feel anything. I was so bad that had to buy a soft pillow for my car seat.
The main target is the colon and this monster growth there more than anywhere. There is nothing that I want more than to find the way of eliminating it fast. Reading, learning, and analyzing, I have concluded that most what we take by mouth isn’t effective in the colon. Antifungals go to the blood, and when not, they reach the colon very weak. Attack this monster doing enemas. If you can not get Nystatin, do them with distilled water only. Don’t do enemas with ACV, coffee, etc. An alternative that also work is salt with sodium bicarbonate (just a little bit) Don’t use anything that be acid. Acids, any acid, kill bacteria. The flora is in the colon. Our microbiota resides in the colon. Candida is creating the problem there. When the colon heal, everything else get its place and balance. I have had to change my mind a lot time to understand this syndrome. I hope to be close to the true this time. Open your mind to it. You are an smart guy who have suffered enough. Don’t be afraid, enemas don’t hurt. I have abused doing them sometimes everyday in week. If they were causing serious damage, I will be worse or death. Since I have been doing them, I have felt better and better. Check the toilet, if you still have fungus, you will see the white strings going out, sometimes alone, sometimes with feces and mucus.
This will benefit your progress what you can not image !!

See how many posts linking candida with hemorrhoids. Some of them mention colonics, enemas, etc,Hemorrhoids/?a=s&p=2