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Hi Jorge! I am VERY happy for you!!! I am glad you are feeling better. I never heard of fecal transplant. I have many of the same questions as Jeremiah. I has been passing some weird things through my stool(string looking things and somethings that looks like parasites while on a parasite killing medicine) though I know I am not getting most of my candida or parasites out. I want to make sure my colon is clean but the problem is I have a very sensitive digestive tract and enemas bother it. I thought of using psyllium husks but I know it is to rough for my system. Going through the prep work for a lower GI was extremely hard on my system and cause more problems(hemorrhoids and bleeding). I heard that colon therapy is good because it is less pressure, but I also heard it can mess with other good bacterial that you have there. I think Able even mentioned that it can make you feel weak and faint by the water pushing away beneficially thing you need. My question is how hard was the enemas on your system. Was it fairly gentle? Have you had problems with enemas in the past? Your post gives me hope! I also feel my infestation of candida and parasites is fairly bad and it nice to hear , even with horrible cases you can get better. Thank you!!