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raster wrote: The reason I got ill in the first place was because my colon was filled with junk, and this caused a backlog (literally) up my bodily organs because the colon was full. This caused leaky gut to occur and for my hemorrhoids to occur because of the stoppage. I am pretty sure I have not fixed one of the necessary organs in my body that harbours candida…the colon, the drainpipe of the body.

One thing I am wondering though, what does a colon cleanout feel like? Does it hurt, is it uncomfortable, should I be concerned? I will talk to my doctor about this asap because if possible, I’d like to solve two problems with one treatment. I am unsure if I will ever do an enema, but I am interested in cleaning out the colon.

I feel this kind of ‘backlog’ is my main problem too. My belly has been distended for years, even when I get my bowels moving regularly. I’ve mentioned being bloated before, but I don’t suffer from gas or actually feel bloated; I just look like I’m 3-months pregnant.

When I read about the average release from a colonic being 3-5 feet long, and people losing 10-pounds after having one, I wonder how I’m supposed to clear that amount of crud out simply through dieting. I remember when the guy on Jackass got one, the therapist said John Wayne’s colon weighed 60lbs when he died. It’s frustrating knowing it’s in there and causing me so many problems, when it could potentially be flushed out in 30-minutes or so.