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Javizy – Yes flax seed is all that you say. However most people see flax seed as a bulk laxative, a super food, but forget or don’t know as it swells to many times it’s size, it’s main function in doing that is to scrape the colon walls with it’s sharp edges and clean the walls of the colon. Remember the controversies about psyllium husks and how it’s edges actually make very small cuts in the colon and intestinal walls and therefore folks became leery of using them, as a little blood passed. That happens sometimes in the intestines, but it heals and is no big deal according to the people who know about the colon. Scrapping the colon walls and allowing the lymph to pass up to the lymph glands in the neck is a big deal and gets impeded by the junk that’s on the colon walls.

If the colon walls aren’t cleaned the bulking of the flaxseed, or psyllium husks, or bran, will swell many times it’s size and they when passing through the walls of the colon, which again are in 90% of men caked with sugar and bleached flour not allowing it to pass at the speed it needs to go and everything starts backing up.

Colon health really needs to be discussed more in this forum, as with people with serious colon problems, meaning again the walls are corroded with mucus and the hole gets down to the size of a pencil. When the colon hole is that small you can understand the meaning of not many bowl movements in a week. The best way, and this is after a lot of reading, is to get some colonics. I say some as some people may only need one or two and others more to get the walls clean. If they’re not clean, you can’t imagine the problems of going to a Candida diet like this one, which is really a healthy one, and the colon can only move food along so fast and one has problem, big problems sometimes, like dvjorge, which I think could be colon cleansing.

So again, it’s easy to know if your backed up, and if you are there are only 2 ways to clean the colon. Colonics and scrapping the walls with roughage, like the ones mentioned, and that takes maybe 6 months to keep scrapping the walls over and over to get a clean wall. Hope this helps, and keep asking questions if you’d like.

Hemorrhoids are also caused by a clogged colon.