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Lauren, I’ll quote a Dr. of Nutripathy, (don’t know why he calls himself a Dr. of Nurtripathy as I’ve always heard it pronounced Naturopathic Dr. but this guy is well educated in natural health, which is I guess all that is important.

With a rapid die off of candidam Herxheimer reactioons of nausea and diarrhea are sometimes seen. This is not usually seen when the colon is moving 3 times daily,/ ( I personally think after being a vegan and eating small meals 3 times a day that one bowel movement empties all the food I had the day before), this seems hard to believe, but when you eat very simply you don’t even have body odor, and after a bowel movement there is no smell, and that is because there is nothing to putrefy, as the food moves through with nothing like a colon, with a hole the size of a pencil trying to pass todays food through it, or meats that don’t digest, due to many reasons, not enough HCl, or stress, or because it’s just meat. With the colon at proper diameter, today’s food should pass easily, not having any reason for back up and unless your passing toxins, you won’t have any smell. It’s been like this for me for 7 years.

Anyhow continuing, h says that “when nausea and diarrhea are seen due to a rapid die off, high doses off acidophilus and coffee enemas reduce or eliminate this reaction in most cases. Dead candida tends to become an endotoxic problem if the colon is not cleaned during and after treatment. Enemas only treat the anal cavity, which can be the problem of most people, but to be safe one can clean the anal cavity and not go a little deeper with a longer catheter and get some long mucus taken care of that they say 90% of the public has a sufficient build up. With oxygen therapies, destroyed candida cell walls are labeled and thus phagocytized by white blood cells. They, along with ingested yeasts and molds from forbidden foods, then decompose by putrefaction in the large intestine adding to and alkaline condition. Keep the colon rollin!!! Best cleansing results have been noticed using colonics, colemas, high enemas, herbs, regular enemas and high fiber diets IN THAT ORDER.

Yes colonics are fairly high. If you look around you usually can find someone who’s fairly cheap. If you have consistently had slow bowel movements and hemorrhoids that wall of thick mucus has been building for many years. Think back and try to remember if you’ve eaten a lot of bread in your past. Submarine sandwiches are blown up yeast rolls that fast food places use cheap, highly bleached flour with a lot of yeast to make it rise so big and fluffy. It’s good but naturopaths call them colon stickers. Pancakes at a restaurant uses bleached flour in their pancakes and then very sweet syrup. Donuts and cheap pastries are all bleached flour and sugar and colon stickers is what they are in a big way. Those walls have taken a long time to build and therefore a colonic with caffeine is the only fast way to lose that wall and let those lymph nodes breath. Or the way the hospitals are doing it if you want to go barbaric, is try a colonoscopy, It’s a rotor-rooter. I had a Superintendent friend lose during a colonoscopy 22 lbs. His whole lower stomach was gone, and he couldn’t wear any of his trousers, as his waist size dropped so much in one day. He even said it was barbaric as it doesn’t get everything, but for some that are close to hardly having any movement at all, something needs to happen. If you have 6 months and can stay of all sugar and bleached flour items, you can use flax seed or psyllium husks, but as mentioned before, start with a small amount and work up if your plugged up as you just bloat as too much will get to large and not move at all.

Hope this helps