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Hey Able!

Thanks so much for taking the time! I know EVERYBODY is wanting to hear from you, so I appreciate it so much! 🙂

My mom just sent me the link for what you described and the pictures. My toes are no where near that bad, but just bluish a little bit. But I guess maybe I can go and see the Dr.’s at the clinic? I know they just aren’t really there to do anything but give you a quick prescription. But, something is better than nothing I guess?

My friend here in CA. has a probiotic by Kirkman. It’s Pro-Bio Gold 20 billion CFU’s.

The enzymes are Houston Enzymes one is-Zyme Prim, and AFP-Peptizyde. They are pretty expensive but have really helped her family and son who had leaky gut, and candida issues when he was young. So I’ve been taking them while I’m at her house.

I just got my Threelac in the mail today. I also ordered an “Active Digestive Enzymes” from GHT too. And some kind of Oxygen drop stuff? I don’t know what that is, hasn’t come yet. I thought maybe that would help if I needed more oxygen in my blood?

So now that I have the stuff from GHT, I’m thinking of sending it back, but I don’t know what to buy in place of it? Whole foods and the other vitamin store here do not carry Mega Food products. So if that’s the best, then I guess I’ll have to order online?

My sister is also having problems and will be joining me on the diet when I get home. So having to buy expensive Pro-biotics for the both of us will be challenging, but I want to get stuff that is going to fix this problem ASAP!

Should I take my B-Complex back too?

Since I’ve only been learning as I’m going, I started totally backwards and have had to make lots of changes.

Again, thanks for getting back to me. I emailed you on the first day I found this site but it said your box was already full!!! Ha!!!! Man, I’m sorry! You are just a popular guy! Thanks for taking the time! What a blessing to everyone!