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Hi Faith
welcome to our gang here. I really want to see that you get the blue thing with your circulation checked up for safety.

Its the first time I hear about it in connection with candida. Pau D’ Arco Extract root and bark we dont recommend here in the forum because of the blood thinning effect it has. I hope Able sees your post if not I ask you to drop him a Personal Message and tell him about your blue toes and nails. And the question you have.
I will give you now some links which are a important start up for you and answer you a lot of question already until Able will be able to help you further.

Here we go:

Here is written Europe but that doesnt matter a thing as iherb is sending out there stuff all over the world. If you are in the states you anyhow dont have problems to get the supplies.–Europe.aspx

cheers and I hope you find a home here until you are in full health again.