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Please refer to the allowed food lists which are different than the website:

If you want to alter your diet more, you will see better results. I would remove the following:

beef (causes immonia production much greater than other meats)
tomatoes (contains sugars, not on list)
rice (contains starch and contains a small amount of sugar)
all nuts (contain small amounts of mold and save for phase 2)
yogurt (switch to greek yogurt, contains much less sugar, somewhere between 7-11g per serving)
chilis, peppers (too spicy contains sugars)
alcohol (poison)

In phase 2, your body can handle things like nuts, chilis, tomatoes, rice much much better without any noticeable downside. If you eat small amounts of tomatoes or peppers, your body can handle it. Try to keep your daily sugar intake to below 25g a day.

Here’s a great site that shows how much sugar occurs per food item:

If you get mucus production after anything you eat this means it is not allowed on the diet.

Antibiotics can cause microbial/intestinal inbalance and thats why probiotics are recommended. This is one of the biggest factors. I recommend listening to Dr. Mcoomb’s if you want to back this up with some facts/evidence.

I would leave out all dairy and wheat until you are fully recovered, these and alcohol should be added last. Same with coffee.

I have been on the diet for 5 months now and am mostly symptom free. I still need to be on the diet for a few more months at the mininum because I had it way worse than you have.

If you want ideas for additional supplements I can suggest some. One is glutamine for instance, which can help with your sugar intolerance problems.