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I might think the biggest culprit was your job at the fiberglass plant. I have a terrible reaction to fiberglass and I think it makes candida worse. I struggled with it for years, and it managed me rather than me managing it. I have done a lot of research on fiberglass and its affect on health. As a substance on its own, fungus and mold happily make it a home. It is a powerful irritant and is destructive to living tissue. I believe that it sets some people up for fungal or yeast infections. For me, it made mine worse. I live in a badly insulated home,with exposed batts of fiberglass insulation. I had chronic symptoms (tired, crappy digestion, mental fog) which were connected to candida by the Burston Clinic.

However, nothing I did made a difference. Diet, supplements, prescription anti-fungals had little effect. I discovered the connection by accident. After insulating a garage with no protection, I developed a terrible cough which lasted for weeks. An emergency room physician told me the insulation fibers were causing my cough. This made me fearful, and I removed or covered all exposed insulation in the house. My symptoms improved remarkably. Since you’ve left your job, hopefully this will improve things for you.