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dvjorge wrote:

Just wanted to comment on the point about the small bowel being sterile. It is supposed to be sterile but many things can go wrong. Many do have low HCL as tested by the Heidelberg test, many do have low pancreatic enzymes as tested by Metametrix GI profile or low secretory IgA as tested by same. Also, there is published literature showing that bifidobacteria bifidum and a certain strain of lactobacillus are instrumental in promoting the cleansing waves that keep the small intestine clean. So for many of us, the problem really could be in the small intestine (it is for me). Not to say the enemas arent’ still helpful and necessary. But since the cleansing waves are so crucial and the antibiotics can kill the good flora, it seems imperative to get the good flroa back in there. I don’t really know how to do that.

Also, I look forward to seeing how you do once off the diet for a challenge. I have been to 0 symptoms on diet alone w/o enemas, in fact I felt great.

Interesting discussion forum for a new member (me). Apart from the very odd references to homosexuals and AIDS above (I’m still not sure what the message was in that?), this seems to be the classic trap for all of us candida suffers – the risk of rushing the treatments so that we can get back to our “normal” lives, when in fact deep down we know it will take nothing less than 100% commitment for an undisclosed length of time. Do you know how difficult it is to start a race for which you do not know the distance? Very. 😉

That said, the use of enemas can be seen as a complementary treatment to candida infection, if nothing else to help flush out some gunk and help digestion. Enemas however really only flush the colon of waste and toxins, they dont penetrate water all the way through the intestine, so Jorge’s advice that this can solve all is a bit far-fetched.

I think it will complement, not replace, the rest of the components of the treatment. Like a previous post said, its all parts of a large puzzle, which for me at least, only became clear after several years of fighting phantom symptoms.

Anyhow, very happy to be part of this site, and looking forward to discussing with others who share my curse.

Suffering in numbers, its the best way 😉

I’m sorry my words were not clear. My friend who is a physician was talking with me about the advice I receive from the forum. She said that people who have AIDS and Cancer are people who suffer with Candida. She said you see this in their final stage. She also said that people who are involved in homosexual reationships will use this enema treatment which in her mind was a joke.

That said, the use of enemas can be seen as a complementary treatment to candida infection, if nothing else to help flush out some gunk and help digestion. Enemas however really only flush the colon of waste and toxins, they dont penetrate water all the way through the intestine, so Jorge’s advice that this can solve all is a bit far-fetched.

She also said it was dangerous for folks to give out advice about how to use medicine in ways that it has not be designed or developed. Her concerns were many.

My concern is that he has been fighting this for YEARS and has never once replied to questions about what he is doing with his diet. Has he followed the diet for any length of time? What were the results after 6 months, 9 month, 12 months? If he has not followed the diet….no matter how many enemas you give yoursef you will not truly be cured. My worry is this gives folks false hope. He has now tried something for 3 months…maybe and will not respond to how he knows that he is cured? How long did he do the diet? Did he do the diet with the enemas? I was only looking for some answers…not a diagnosis that I have AIDS….really????

You don’t have AIDS because I am sure you have been tested. Neither your oral thrush means you have AIDS.
Let me tell you something about me. 49 y/o, 2 university degrees (my country), a father, a honest person, and a god believer.
16 books bought about this syndrome, more than 2300 posts in Curezone, more than 300 candida linked articles saved in my computer, around 4 hours a day researching this topic since 2008 when my health went down, written and participated in every candida forum or group you can find in the web.
Now, imagine if I have followed the anticandida diet or not. Imagine if I have used every natural or Rx anticandida treatment you can find. The only Rx I have not used is IV Echinocandins, and like you, I have been tested many times for AIDS. It all happened after several antibiotic rounds.
To eliminate this infection is nothing easy. Nothing easy !!!
I have known hundreds of people, many of them still share emails with me, most of them are in the same situation, one day better and other worse, still they have to follow a diet and watch what they put in their mouth. That isn’t a way of living for me.

Having said it, my goal has been to find a way to recover and to eliminate it to continue with my life openly.
Fortunately, I have discovered that ANTIFUNGAL ENEMAS are very effective. Notice that I say ANTIFUNGAL ENEMAS, no enemas. I think I have very clear why they are effective and possible the only answer to this syndrome so far.
You will find who tell you they are cured but the fact is most of those people still follow a diet and are prisoner of a life style. Do you think is just for you to be 8 months battling it yourself and still you haven’t found the end ?? Something is wrong with actual protocols. It is evident and clear.
I have kept email contacts with many candida sufferers I have known in the forums and a yahoo group, as I said before. Most of them are still in the same, battling it and managing it with diet and supplements. I don’t want it forever.

Returning to the antifungal enemas, I have had to understand this syndrome and the intestines a little bit to realize why they are effective. I have read too much, specially Dr. Truss’s thought.

So, I have written posts about my thoughts about it. Unfortunately, some people have time to argue against it, but they don’t have time to stop for a while and to think about the arguments. This is what I do before to confront anybody in any situation. It looks like Javizy was the only one that picked up my ideas immediately.

It is something logic that I could match after reading a Dr. Leo Galland’s article. Galland says that the difficult part of treating an intestinal candidiasis is the colon. The small bowel is almost sterile by nature where HCL, pancreatic enzymes, bile, and sodium bicarbonate keep it clean. It is a hard environment for microbial growth. Instead, the colon is the right environment for candida. It is a place where putrefaction, fermentation, and decomposition take place. It is there where the fungal colonies growth by millions.
Then, what is the problem ??
How to target the colon effectively with antifungal substances ??
It is almost impossible by mouth since absorption is a natural process. Candida colonies living in the colon are on a mucus layer that protect the colon walls. There isn’t blood irrigation inside the intestines to delivery the antifungals, so to target it, you need a non-absorbed antifungal compound abble to reach the colon with enough concentration. We don’t have it since Nystatin, Oral AMP B, and Natamycin which are the only non-absorbed polyenes available can not be taken with enough concentration to reach the colon because their toxicity rate.
What is the closest and easy way to target the colon ?? Rectally.!!!

Actual protocols are based in a very restrictive diet because we are left with the only option of starving the fungus because the poison don’t touch it. When the poison touch it concentrate enough, it will die, eat or don’t eat. I am not advising to open the diet but to do this procedure during a protocol following a diet and oral supplements.
What you take by mouth will go to the bloodstream and don’t have effect where it is necessary. Of course, people get better on a restrictive diet because the fungal population reduces and the reproductive process is slow. Think that you are cutting sugar and most carbohydrates. When you get some result with it after tremendous sacrifice, you get better but it doesn’t mean the infection is gone but only controlled. This is the reason why many people believe they are cured, release the diet, and relapse.

I have found that doing Nystatin and Sodium Bicarbonate enemas the fungal colonies living in my colon are dying by thousands, a thing that I couldn’t do with any method or medicines.
I have proof of it having accumulated 36 pictures so far. I have also noticed a tremendous relief I couldn’t experiment with anything before. I am returning to the person I was before to get sick having almost 0 symptoms right now.

So, I have a tremendous reason to believe in it, not only because theoretically it makes sense, if not because I have seen the results in practice.

Now, you have my arguments, so you can chose your own way.

Yes, I agree.
The small bowel should be almost sterile. Still, there is a low concentration of bacteria living there. If something is wrong, it may cause a microbial overgrowth there such as SIBO or candida growth. The typical candida cases aren’t associated to HCL or pancreatic enzymes issues but triggers such as antibiotic intake or immune fault.


I also meant to ask, do you think you could use other antifungals than nystatin to perform the enemas? Thanks