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Hi Jorge and Delyse, I have been reading through this forum and I am at last relieved to feel I am not alone with my condition. I am new to this forum but unfortunately not new to candida. I too have been plagued by this insidious disease for nearly 30 years. I took tetracycline for about seven years to treat acne before becoming quite ill. That was back in 1992 and I was lucky to be diagnosed at a hospital with a yeast infection. I found an alternative doctor who prescribed me nystatin and in about 3 or 4 weeks I was feeling much better and thought I was over this debilitating illness . . . . how wrong I was. Over the next 30 years it has come back about 3 times (when I have been aware of it) causing different symptoms and sometimes I have been unaware of it’s return.
Things went really bad about three years ago when I couldn’t sleep and had a lot of anxiety, I didn’t know what was wrong and so my doctor put me on antidepressants, they didn’t work, ended up seeing a psychiatrist who put me on Zyprexa (a mind numbing drug) for depressionI. The next two years was hell, got sicker, then my new doctor put me on Xanax. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t think straight. Eventually I had to stop work I was so sick (I could hardly walk) and I booked into a nearby health retreat/detox (courtesy of my credit card). After the 10 day detox my mind became clear enough to realise it was the candida all along (with the help of the spit test and also the agony I was in during the colonics, I guess when you take away their food they get hungry).
That was six months ago and since then I have: been on the diet: tried every natural antifungal known to man and a few more, prescription antifungals (currently taking 200mg Diflucan and 2 x 500,000 Nystatin. I have chronic constipation which has been slowly getting worse over the last six months and this is my biggest problem so I now have to do enemas morning and night, if I don’t, I get sick.
So I have a major dilemma, I’m trying to follow your protocol with the enemas but warm water just doesn’t work anymore, neither does coffee or Pau D’arco or GSE, Nystatin works but like Delyse I’m having trouble getting enough of it here in Australia. This morning I first used Hydrogen Peroxide 35%, 5 drops per cup, 2 cups for the first flush, it worked and then I used Nystatin as per your direction, but could not hold more than 15 mins.
Tomorrow I have a an apt. with a surgeon to look at having a procedure which is called anal dilatation/sphincterectomy, which is a simple operation to relax the muscles down there. I have had this operation 20 years ago and it worked then. I know it’s only a bandaid and I’m sure if I could control the candida I would not have the constipation, but at the moment I’m just recycling the toxins . (I probably won’t tell the surgeon this as then he might not do the op.).
My last issue is quite important as well, at Xmas last year I was 85kgs, I am now 63kgs and falling, I have muscle wasting and no body fat. I am 180cms. I have been rotating the Diflucan x 2 weeks and then going on Collidal Silver/GSE 2 weeks . I am trying to stay calm thru all this, I won’t give up though and I’ll keep trying until I’ve exhausted every last avenue open to me to rid me of this.
Any other ideas out there, thanks Pete