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astnr1;55116 wrote: Hi all,

So I have an interesting story to tell about my health.

I developed moccasin-style athlete’s foot back in October, and it spread to my hands. I had been through several topicals, and nothing worked until I was put on Lamisil. Now my feet are visibly improving, but I still have itching and burning, and on my hands as well. 7 weeks into Lamisil, I developed the ‘mysterious’ eye disorder known as blepharitis. I also had constant anxiety and depression regarding my skin, until it became all around anxiety and depression, and I just felt hopeless about life.

I finally decided to try a Candida detox and within 4 days my eyes have improved dramatically—by about 35-40% I’d say. I was astonished, considering the condition is considered incurable and only mildly treatable, and so needless to say, I decided to keep up with the regiment. When I put all the pieces together, it looked like this:

*moccasin athlete’s foot on feet and hands
*yeasty groin area/itchy anus
*late-onset oral thrush
* the fact that I had been on long rounds of antibiotics within the last two years
* the fact that I had been using oral contraception for the past 2.5 years
* extreme mental imbalance; anxiety, depression, brain fog (that I’m only just now coming out of!)

And when I looked at everything, I knew I had a Candida problem. So I am in this thing for the long haul, as I want my life back! I am planning to go to Japan in August, and want my gut to be as healthy as possible. I am worried about maintaining a Candida-savvy diet there, so if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated! By August, however, I will have been 5 months into my new diet, so I’m hoping things will be easier.

On a final note, should I start to see an improvement in my really tough-to-tackle moccasin fungal infections? I have never seen a fungus or bacteria take such root in my body, it seems like it’s here to stay, and that would be awful 🙁 I am still taking the Lamisil while I’m detoxing, and I am going to get a supplement to deal with die-off symptoms, but should I discontinue the use of Lamisil, or will it still be helpful at this point?

Thanks for reading, and for any advice you can give! It feels so good to know I’m not alone.


Hi Amanda

I can certainly relate to part of your story – in my case it was dry gritty eyes, which doctors assured me was just a natural part of being in my forties and I was told to use eyedrops. Since my first serious candida cleanse in 2012 they have improved enormously – to put in into perspective I used to have to use eyedrops every hour at least when I was working on the computer now sometimes I go through a whole day without using them.

I’ve also bought an air purifier for my bedroom and I find that helps enormously too, especially now when the pollen count is high.