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I’ve been adding some gelatine powder to hot drinks. If you moisten it with some cold water first, it blends in well and is flavourless. It’s important to dissolve the grains so they’re readily absorbed, otherwise bacteria can feed on them. Bone broths would have lots of added nutrients along with the gelatine if powder sounds bad. I probably get an extra 20g of protein/day from this. Greak Lakes is supposed to be a good brand for those in the US.

Gelatine is high in glycine, which can calm neurons, which might help for people addicted to exicototoxins like aspartame… This might explain a study suggesting it improves (subjective) sleep quality. I’ve heard a theory that it helps balance the amino acids contained in muscle meats, since we would’ve eaten entire animals in the past, rather than nothing but drumsticks and steak.

I think Jennie’s recommendation is pretty good (I aim for 80-ish), but might not be necessary if your carb intake is high enough. The lower it is, the more protein you need to avoid muscle loss. Probably not worth counting the carbs in non-starchy veg here either, since they require some amount of calories to digest and provide very few, which may be consumed by bacteria anyway. The lactate in kefir also requires energy (glucose) to be converted into glucose in the liver.