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Thanks! Lets hope he is right. Everyone in town says very good things about him and he was 120% certain that EBS was problematic for me.

He said that the most important supplement is Moniosa. I looked it up on Google Translate and didn’t get another term for it, so maybe it is the same in English. He also prescribed Cystone to help my PH and Folic Acid. I need to keep the sugar-free and dairy-free restrictions in place. And any “flowering” veggies are considered beneficial-i.e. broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts. And the garlic and onions are super beneficial for this too.

Seems almost too easy…but all of the symptoms match up. If you’ve ever seen “Joe vs the Volcano,” you know the term “brain fog.” I have always felt that there was something off…just a general sense of fatigue and malise. But I say that after having cured my gluten-intolerance, shed the joint pain and pretty much regulated my mood and gotten off my food addictions (sugar and carbs)-I’ve done a lot of the hard work already.

He said that, if I am healed, my gut still has damage and I am on the right track with healing that. But, while I will have to always be careful, an occasional sandwich might be in my future.

We will see..