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Wow Jorge! Thank you for the info!
I did not do any deep research into Diflucan…very interesting.

I am curious though that I have NEVER and I mean NEVER had a problem with my ‘guts’ that I am aware of. I have always been very regular every day. No bloating or gas. I mean I fart but nothing out of the ordinary. I rarely get constipated or have loose stool. I never had pain in my guts until campylobactor poisoning, but that’s a given with anyone who is unfortunate enough to come in contact with that one. I have never had heart burn not even when I was pregnant. I don’t even know what that would feel like but it sounds aweful.

I guess I’m starting to think (and this is just my own ramble in my mind) the yeast infection in my kidney must have obviously got there via urethra from my chronic vaginal infection. I do not get typical vag infections of burning and itching. Mine is inside the canal. It is full of thick yeast in there…ALWAYS! …until yesterday lol YAY! (that’s another post)

So I am assuming the yeast form my vagina made its way (just as bacterial infections do) up into my urethra and into my bladder…yes… makes sense now why I had and have so many bladder infections! Augh that was always probably yeast irritating my bladder walls wasnt it?! grrr I took a lot of antibiotics for those infections… then up the ureter and into the kidney. booo

I also have yeast in my sinuses, throat and lungs.

It has affected my nervous system, heart and thyroid and left eye.

I wonder why not my guts? or is it just that i don’t have gut symptoms? It must be in my guts too?

Curiouser and curiouser

I will stick to the Diflucan…maybe even for a longer duration now if my liver will tolerate it. Maybe it is helping my kidney’s because since I started taking it my kidneys have a very different on and off mild pain about them. I am wondering/hoping maybe that is the yeast die off in the kidneys. So much is unknown…all I know is I am starting to feel better. : )

You are right…telling a doctor you are trying to cure systemic yeast will get you a lot of very strange looks lol. I am so glad I finally have a great doctor is on board with me. She is only a few years graduated and sharp, so sharp and curious about this. Her brother is a chiropractor. They are a very very nice family. She shows knowledge and respect, she is kind, caring and always patient. She will sit and listen to EVERYTHING you have to say and take all of it into consideration and will research anything she is not familiar with. She has always been honest about not being taught how to deal with this sort of condition in med school. She is amazing. I wish everyone here was fortunate enough to have a doctor like her.

Thanks again!
: )