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Yes it is hard for even me to read…and that’s all in a nutshell! My therapist always told me I should write a book! lol

the doctors and specialists could never ‘find’ anything wrong with me. They could see it on the heart monitors but couldn’t tell me why. The allergist tested me and told me I wasn’t allergic to anything and that it was all psychological. One doctor tested my heart and on a monitor and when my heart started racing at 210 bpm he told me it was high but still normal. unreal. I told him maybe if i was on speed running from a bear but not just from walking down the hall!!! grr
Had to go to emergency once because my heart was beating out of control. Emerg doc said it is benign and that it wouldn’t kill me…and then when I wouldn’t stop asking why it was happening she told me she would prescribe beta-blockers. Augh

My heart problems happened shortly after my thyroid surgery and the cancer surgeon (they thought I have thyroid cancer) who cut out my thyroid told me to go see someone else because it had nothing to do with him and that I was just stressed and then left the room when I began to cry and 5 minutes later a therapist came in. She could tell from our conversation I knew the difference between what stress feels like and what my heart skipping beats felt like. she tried to tell him but he refused to listen.

My thyroid medication was adjusted about 20 times in the next 3 years thinking that it must be thyroid issues causing all my illness.
One doctor even went so far as to say I adjusted my own medication just to make myself sick!!! Wow did I scream at him!

The endocrinologist had nothing to say.

My gp at the time just kept trying to push antidepressants which i kept refusing telling him i was happy in my life but sick not depressed. His answer was I was a single mom, on assistance in full time university so of course i was stressed and depressed. I love my son and loved university! But at the time there were no doctors taking on new patience so I had to stick with him. boo

I am happy to report I have a wonderful medical doctor now who has seen me through the worst and seen the diet work with her own eyes. She is very curious about it and very very helpful. I am also now able to afford a natural path doctor (these ones are not free in Canada) who is also onboard with me and we spoke at length last week. She is happy that I am on the right track and reassured me that I was well versed when it came to curing myself and has no doubts I will do it a second time. I also found this site for support which is something I did not have last time. It has been hard to accept that there are so many other people out there who are suffering from this as well but it is a huge relief and weight lifted to know I am not alone in my battle.

One day at a time…
: )