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100% candida free! : D

As far as i can tell I am free of candida. No symptoms. I am eating a regular diet and have been for a few weeks. I still drink H202 three times a day and will for a while longer yet. I still take probiotics and will likely forever out of fear of ever having to deal with this again. I avoid high sugar items but have regular bread on occasion, eat out, and even have a drink with dinner and a brownie for desert. All in moderation of course. Most times I am on a very healthy low sugar diet. (again i think mostly out of fear)

I am being cautious however because I am under extreme emotional stress at the moment and I worry that this amount of stress may set me back. fingers crossed…

Otherwise YAY!!

Take care everyone out there!! I will still be on the forum if anyone needs support in their journey.

: )