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There’s only so much lactose in the milk and the grains will start to die without a supply of food. 12-hours of fermentation, on the other hand, is practically just drinking milk. You want to be fermenting for around two days, with a further day or so after straining. If you don’t, there’ll still be too much lactose remaining and the CFU count won’t be anywhere near as high as it could be. You need to “wake” your grains up first by changing the milk every 24-hours until it coagulates within that time. If it already does, then try a 48-hour fermentation.

Milk has about 5g of sugar per 100ml which is why it tastes “better”. You just need to develop a taste for more sour kefir that won’t feed candida. Probably an adjustment that will serve you well in the future. Failing that, there’s always stevia…