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In March, I read up on the Spit Test (look this up if you don’t know what I mean) and failed it miserably.

The Truth About The Spit Test (Post)

I’ve also been eating about 3 cups of 0% Organic Plain Probiotic Yogurt (Is this okay? It says there’s 12g of sugar/serving but I can’t get any better than this stuff?)

Look for organic non-sweetened Greek yogurt.

Green Tea, yay or nay? I’ve read caffeine is a no-no but I’ve also heard Green Tea can be super powerful.

You shouldn’t have caffeine at all. Also, unless you’re drinking organic teas they probably contain mold.

Almonds? I’ve heard nuts are bad but almonds are okay, thoughts?

Nuts and seeds contain mold and also cause excess mucus.

I’ve noticed that my primary symptom of the rod in penis/inflamed urethra feeling is worse if I don’t ejaculate for a couple of days. Then when I do it’s almost like instant relief. Does anybody have any insight on that? I’ve read Tartaric Acid is emitted from yeast. I’m not sure if that’s in my urine that’s causing the pain after peeing or something in the pre-cum or semen kills the fungal growth?

Never had this problem and haven’t studied it very much. Maybe someone else can help with this.

Is this a back and forth battle or is it sudden death (figure of speech)? What I’m asking is that if I slip up and have a piece of bread of a beer does that mean I have prolonged my recovery in that the Candida gains some power, but I’m still winning or should I essentially start from square one, in that one beer is all Candida needs to come back in full force.

That depends on your particular infestation. “Cheating” on the diet with such foods can set you back a couple of days or more; but I’ve also seen sufferers go back to square one because of the heavy increase in symptoms.