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Jaredxtr;18704 wrote: Hello All,

Last November I began feeling a strange sensation of what felt like a rod stuck in my penis. I could feel pain spread to my groin, testicles, pubic region and lower abdomen as days went on. I also noticed my semen was very stringy, noodle-like, and thick. It was almost like there was a blockage and my semen took a couple extra seconds to come out.

I also noticed my symptoms would get worse after I peed. Peeing itself felt fine but the five minutes after were the worst. I wouldn’t classify the pain as severe or even burning at all- just uncomfortable.

I went to the doctor and he immediately said I had chlamydia or gonorrhea (based on my sexual history this was unlikely). I got tested for both and UTI (twice for my own piece of mind) and everything came out negative. The doctor suspected it was prostatitis and put me on Cipro for 10-days then 30-days. I responded extremely well to antibiotics experiencing almost no symptoms after 48-hours. However towards the end of my treatment I felt the same symptoms coming back.

I went for a second opinion and the new doctor checked my prostate, visually inspected me for a hernia or any other STD’s, had me do an ultra-sound (kidneys), and sent me for PSA tests- once again everything good. He put me on short stints of Vibramycin and Flagyl to see how I would react. I reacted positively however not as good as the initial Cipro. He referred me to a specialist who I don’t see for another 6 months (God Bless Canada’s Health Care haha). I continued to experience symptoms however what’s strange is that my symptoms became limited to this slight and uncomfortable pain in my urethra (no spreading to the groin, pubic region, or testicles).

I began experiencing new symptoms (likely as a result of my antibiotics). I am unsure what symptoms are from the initial illness, the antibiotics, or both. Moreover, I hadn’t even heard of Candida overgrowth until recently and wasn’t looking for other symptoms. In my defense I thought this was case closed after I responded so positively to Cipro. I went to go see a natural path and told her this and the new symptoms (which are below). She said, with pretty good confidence, that she believes I have textbook case of Candida overgrowth. She also said that it may have at one point been bacterial based (hence my positive response to antibiotics) but is Candida based now. She also brought up a good point in that when I was on antibiotics I wasn’t consuming/consuming small amounts of alcohol.

I want to be very detailed so that anybody with a similar situation can relate. This has been one of the most mind-bending few months I’ve ever experienced but feel like I’m on the “up n’ up”. This site has been a god sent and I’m committed to contributing back in any way that I can. If anybody has any questions please feel free to post. I’m smart phone enabled with email notifications so can respond shortly. I can only provide insights on my experiences and I am in no way a substitution for a trained medical expert. There’s also a lot I’m still trying to figure out on my own which I’ve highlighted in RED.

– Slight discomfort in urethra (very mild)
– Aching groin (mild)
– Pain in pubic bone (medium)
– Sore testicles (medium)
– Stringy, thick, noodle-like semen (off and on, worse on days when symptoms bad)
– Low libido
– No discharge
– No blood in urine or stool
– Symptoms come and go in strength but are always “there”

Note: Antibiotics taken in December and January.

– Slight discomfort in urethra (very mild, more sporadic)
– Aching groin (extremely mild, and very sporadic)
– Stringy, thick, noodle-like semen (off and on, worse on days when symptoms bad)
– Low libido
– No discharge
– No blood in urine or stool
– Symptoms come and go
– Athletes foot
– Itchy anus (and I mean itchy)
– Jock itch
– Weird almost “film” like layer over head of penis. It’s most noticeable after I cum and the erection is dieing.
– Very subtle white “blotches” on head of penis when I have an erection. Almost looks like its dry skin or something. I’ve heard this can be the yeast (also it doesn’t happen all the time).
– Erections take longer to get, and die quick (almost like I have to really focus haha.
– Foggy head
– Random sweating episodes. I’d have sweating arm pits almost constantly
– Extremely gassy, almost like clockwork every afternoon

Other Notes of Interest
– In March, I read up on the Spit Test (look this up if you don’t know what I mean) and failed it miserably.
– In November, this started on a Monday. The Friday before launched the start of an incredibly stressful relationship situation.
– My current stress level is very very high. I’m moving cities, switching jobs, aforementioned relationship mess, etc.
– Out of complete blind-luck (once again, I had no idea Candida existed) I discovered that White Rice (sushi), alcohol (especially beer), sugar, and poor sleep were aggravators whereas Garlic, Vitamin C, and pure homemade juices were relievers. (Note: at night I would eat a raw clove of garlic and would be symptom free within five minutes and it usually bought me an hour).
– I’m not circumcised
– Generally very healthy. Run about 120km/mo, before diet the Candida diet I would drink 4-6 drinks per week, rarely eat fast food.
– The Candida Diet sucks. There’s no two-ways around it, but it wasn’t a crazy adjustment for me as my diet is already quite healthy so my progression might be quicker than others.
– I have not had sex since this started (no coming off the bench until I’m 100%)

Because of the long-wait to see the specialist I booked an appointment with a Natural Path. She put me on the Candida Diet (almost verbatim to what’s on this site) plus extra strong probiotics. I’ve also been eating about 3 cups of 0% Organic Plain Probiotic Yogurt (Is this okay? It says there’s 12g of sugar/serving but I can’t get any better than this stuff?) its been 10 days of 100% strict and here’s what I’ve experienced:

Day 1: Almost no change, kind of felt the same

Day 2: Symptom of rod in penis felt worse than ever and felt hung-over (die-off). Craved sugar and carbs like crazy, was super irritable, couldn’t focus, just wanted to sleep, depressed, low energy.

Day 3: Same as Day 2

Day 4-5: Symptoms marginally better, hung-over feeling subsided. Athletes foot began to go away, jock itch went away, no more afternoon gas, became EXTREMELY regular in my bowel movements (almost to the half hour every day). However still had feeling of pain in urethra (but definitely better). I also noticed a slight rash on the head of my penis (very similar to athlete’s foot) but then it went away after a day or so.

Day 5-Day 10: Same as above however noticed that the pain in the urethra is very specific to after I pee. About 5 mins after I pee it kicks up, then goes away (any thoughts?)

Overall Notes from Diet
– I’m 5’11 and 167 lbs and fell to 159 lbs after about 10 days
– Notice my veins are really visible in arms and legs (this could be completely unrelated) but I’m a fan. Makes me look way tougher than I am.
– Feel very “calm”. I find I don’t react too high or too low to things. I just kind of take them as they come in this stressful time in my life (which is NOT my character whatsoever).
– Sleeping way better. I rarely take longer than 15 mins to get to sleep
– Tip: Make sure you get Pure Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. Not only do I find I respond better to it, but it tastes way better (I crave it now).

I have purchased Canestan however was told not to take the tablet until two-weeks in. I have however been using the cream. I just rub it on the head of my penis at night, role my foreskin up, and wash it off in the morning. I have found this does provide a great deal of relief. I also use Gold Bond powder every morning all in my crotch region. I don’t know if this even makes a difference but I feel like it helps.

The Questions I Have
1. Green Tea, yay or nay? I’ve read caffeine is a no-no but I’ve also heard Green Tea can be super powerful.
2. Almonds? I’ve heard nuts are bad but almonds are okay, thoughts?
3. I’ve noticed that my primary symptom of the rod in penis/inflamed urethra feeling is worse if I don’t ejaculate for a couple of days. Then when I do it’s almost like instant relief. Does anybody have any insight on that? I’ve read Tartaric Acid is emitted from yeast. I’m not sure if that’s in my urine that’s causing the pain after peeing or something in the pre-cum or semen kills the fungal growth?
4. Is this a back and forth battle or is it sudden death (figure of speech)? What I’m asking is that if I slip up and have a piece of bread of a beer does that mean I have prolonged my recovery in that the Candida gains some power, but I’m still winning or should I essentially start from square one, in that one beer is all Candida needs to come back in full force.

Once again, I hope this provides value for anybody who is going through something similar. I’ve gone from thinking I had an STD, to potentially prostate cancer, to Candida and finally am feeling better. Any insights, criticisms, questions, and answers are welcome!

I will keep posting on my progress.

How is it with your problems at the moment?
I have all the problems you described. So i think i have yeast infection too.

Thanks for reply