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raster;29962 wrote: Thomas: I am wondering how you are doing now? It sounds like you have educated yourself some on your health problems and have come a long ways…


Hi mate! Oh, I am happy to hear that I was worth a thought for you! 🙂
I did what I planned and I am still in the battle. I was so dam tired of not knowing what the sympthoms are, die-off, etc. I got lots of test done, fighting for every inch to get them but it looks more and more that I am SIBO. I have still a ELISA test coming next week to check for food intolerances. I still not discounting the possibility of candida lurking its ugly head and will see about thatlater.

What I learned is that: Low fibre eating make the world for me! That sugars are not sugars and how they affect the my intestines. That mucus production from my intestines to protect my lining seperates the food from the enzymes and will be eaten by the bacteria. The new plan of action for me is to get the food absorbed very fast in the first 2 feet of the small intestines.
I learned that there is no good bacteria or bad one but where they are will make the world. I felt terrible with pro-biotics and pre-biotics because they where counterproductive for me suffering already from too much gas and endotoxins. (to much bacteria)

With all the knowleadge gain in the last month I feel 80 percent better but I am not healed and very senisitive. I too tried my own kefir and felt being see-sick in a wink.
My problem too is that I get very quickly sick like being see-sick and brain-fog if I even eat right but too much.

Now I stopp eating every day around 20:00 hours and have a natural fasting until next day 8:00. I eat much less and plan with a nutrionist to figure the lowest amount of food for me which is healthy. When I had my total breakdown last year october I had no idea what hit me. Today I know it was a ketoacidosis where my liver could not handle anymore the amount of D-Lactic acid and endotoxins swamming my system. I suffered a mild form of metabolic acidosis. I say mild because it can be fatal, but it was not mild for me it was in fact so terrible that I never want to experience it again. Therefore I take it easy now with the killing of bacteria, fungus or changing diets. 😉 Slowly is better! Too much toxins which the liver cant handle can kill you.

thats all I learned the last year and I am still fighting on hill upwards!

I hope you guys are doing fine! How are you?

yours all