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Well, over the past week, my tongue transitioned from a burning sensation to one of a mild tingling. It sort of felt like I had just eaten something tangy. It was much better than the burning feeling and I viewed it as progress. And, then, I tried coconut bread again yesterday. All the progress with my tongue is gone. It’s burning as bad as ever. I’m very frustrated and disappointed. For two months, I’ve faithfully kept to this diet and still I cannot introduce any new foods. Up until yesterday, things were fine. I really felt like I was on the verge of my burning tongue disappearing for good. Now, who knows how long it will take to get back to that point. I’m feeling quite discouraged today. The emotional ups and downs of this diet are almost too much to bear.

The only other thing I have to report is that my appetite has really spiked recently. I’m eating two large servings of oat bran every day now and loading up on even more veggies for lunch and dinner. (Think Thanksgiving dinner type plate packed with greens.)

I was planning on reintroducing chicken and plain greek yogurt this coming week, but now I’m going to wait for my tongue to calm down. Hopefully, I’ll feel better within 3-4 days when the bread leaves my system. It’s just a matter of me enduring the discomfort and pain for now.

Hope everyone’s making good progress with their diet. I look forward to telling you next week that I’m feeling better.