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Wow. Your story is very similar to mine:

I was sick this winter for 2 1/2 months straight (probably because I work in a restaurant where I’m exposed to lots of people and their ailments). After I was feeling better, I went out for New Year’s Eve, and the next day had the worst hangover of my life! That’s when the burning penis sensation started. Just as Jaredxtr described, it felt like a rod had been inserted in my urethra, and the pain extended down the shaft, especially when I had an erection, and the burning during urination was terrible.

I went to Planned Parenthood, and they gave me a one dose antibiotic because they thought I had the clap. It seemed to clear up briefly, but then my anus became extremely itchy. This symptom was by far the worst, and most difficult to deal with.

My girlfriend told me I might have a yeast infection and/or UTI, so I started taking an hearbal anti-yeast supplement, that contained grapefruit seed extract, and some other beneficial herbs. It helped, but the pain came back as soon as I went through the bottle, and it never fully went away. I was NOT on the diet at that point, and in looking back, the supplement did not contain a very strong dosage.

Eventually I found my way to the Candida Diet website, and ultimately this forum. I’ve been on Able and Raster’s strict diet for 2 weeks or so, and a less strict version for 2 months before that (the Candida Diet Website’s version). I’ve been rotating anti-fungals (Oregano Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Liquid Black Walnut/Wormwood Complex) every 2 weeks along with daily consumption of raw garlic and coconut oil, and taking MegaFlora probiotics for the last few weeks. Last week I started making my own Kefir at home with an “heirloom variety” of Kefir grain that I purchased from a goat farmer in Ohio. The homemade Kefir has helped my energy immensely, and I think it may be the missing link for my full recovery!

*A quick note on the term “Heirloom Variety” for Kefir Grains:
Apparently commercial yogurts, kefirs, kombuchas, etc. use just a few isolated probiotics in their products, so that the products stay more consistent in large batches. Heirloom varieties of kefir grains, kombucha mothers, yogurt starters, etc. are varieties that have been kept alive over many years of fermentation (in most cases centuries of fermentation!) and passed down from person to person. These varieties have much more complex probiotics and more powerful health benefits than those found on the shelves in grocery stores. If anyone is interested in the specifics of the various fermentation processes, check out Sandor Ellix Katz’s website:

He has a couple books with a wealth of information on fermentation, which is very helpful if people would like to incorporate fermented foods into their diet permanently. There is also a great website on making Kefir by an Australian man named Dom:

Dom’s Kefir Page

For the last few weeks, I haven’t experienced any symptoms except lethargy (from die-off I suppose) and a mild burning sensation at the tip of my urethra. I have felt a little more like myself lately, which is awesome, but I haven’t kicked the Candida just yet, it seems.

The thing I can’t figure out is how this happened to me. I very rarely ate anything with sugar in it. I ate a diet that mainly consisted of whole, organic foods, including pastured organic eggs, meat and yogurt, and home-made kombucha and Kimchi. I drank good quality beer, wine, and liquor a couple times a week, and I’ve always been active, and gotten plenty of exercise and sleep. The only thing I can think of is stress. I’ve had a very stressful few years, and I’ve probably been drinking too much coffee, which I’m sure didn’t help. But honestly I don’t see any obvious connections, other than stress and 2 straight months of being sick (weakened immune system). I’m really hoping this doesn’t come back to haunt me someday after I’ve fully reintroduced fruits, cheeses, and starchy vegetables.

Thank you Jaredxtr for sharing your story. It’s great to have solidarity. I think it is really important to see the differences in how this condition affects different people, but it’s especially important to see people going through the exact same thing, and see signs of improvement, so we can all have hope for the future.