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raster;42109 wrote: Man xday, I’ve been wondering about you and this is a crazy story. You used to post a few times per day…

I second the recommendation on looking into heavy metals. I would proceed very carefully with any kind of chelation protocol because it can really make you feel awful, especially if done incorrectly. You need to get yourself strong before you do it as well or it could basically put you back to square one.

I hope any of the advice I gave you didn’t harm you and I always suggest going to a doctor for treatment and diagnosis. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to do this.

You likely have multiple inter-related problems that need to be peeled back like layers to an onion. This requires a better plan than what we can supply here on the forum, money, time, and persistence and patience.

The antibiotics really make a bad imbalance within the body in terms of bacteria, parasites, yeast, etc. I would focus on rebuilding this gut flora long term at a bare minimum.

I could sort of see you going downhill unfortunately, I could see that you were worrying way too much and spending a lot of time worrying. This isn’t good as you can see…

Getting proper nutrition is very important and keep in mind that everything you eat will feed the candida if you like it or not. Its all about feeding it things that it can thrive on less than other items.

I will write more in time.


Yeah. Chelation can put you back to square one, and it takes a little while to see progress. I’m about 3 weeks in and already feeling slightly better.

Start VERY low dose (6.25 or 12 mg on cutlers protocol) until you know what you can handle.