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raster;56456 wrote: So did you go to a western doctor then? They can’t treat candida overgrowth (candida related complex aka CRC) because there isn’t a single profitable drug out there to treat you. They also do not treat digestive disorders in general…

The yeast won’t show up in blood tests so you are going the wrong route. You need the immune complex test or similar tests for best diagnosis.

My recommendation is to consult a naturopath who has 20-30 years experience treating yeast problems and they will help get you on the right track.

Alternatively, you could go to an allergist and get the immune complex test.

Elevated liver enzymes indicate your liver is having trouble detoxing toxins and that its not working optimally, so they did help you get somewhere. But western medicine won’t heal your liver…all they do is prescribe medication.


Personally I wouldn’t even mention the word ‘candida’ to a doctor in the UK – I received absolutely no help for my symptoms (which I admit were/are minor but made my life a misery) – gritty eyes, itchy scalp, dry mouth, persistent rashes, IBS, cystitis etc. I didn’t even know candida existed until I read about it on a UK forum a few years ago. The die-off I suffered after following a fairly strict diet and introducing probiotics/anti-fungals, and the relief from my symptoms was proof enough for me.

My feeling at the time was that most candida diets are probably healthier than the normal western diet even for people who don’t have candida-related symptoms – and this worked out pretty well for me.