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That bioresonance thing sounds like this fucking quack I saw here. He calls it nutrition response testing and something something laser something, I forget :p Anyway, he does muscle testing, where you lift your arm and hold something and he tells you if you’re reacting to it or not…uses this as a diagnostic tool to see what’s wrong with you. He told me I had parasites (wrong) and that I was allergic to nightshades (also wrong). He did get me the test I needed to find out I had candida, though, which was ultimately good, but I dumped about $1k into this guy that I didn’t really have.

Anyway, he has this machine called the BAZ5000 or 3000, I forget, but it’s basically a laser pointer that the receptionist points at some accupuncture points to do something that changes your DNA or something in your body to make your body stop reacting to allergens/intolerances. I could have bought a $2 laser pointer and achieved the same results (aka…nothing).

Some people swear by it, but it was all a bunch of BS to me.