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Cheesy! I can’t thank you enough for your reply.

My husband and I have come to the decision that I would be allowed to travel anywhere necessary to see a doctor that could help me. I was going to start looking in London, but York works. The thing I like about your guy is that I’m not asking for treatment, just tests and a good interpretation of the test results, also knowledge of what tests can produce fasle results.

I’m feeling so lost this morning. I just called a local Dutch Doctor who was described as this:
“and you can feel her purity. I am not going to try and sell you on her. It’s only the fortunate who get ahold of Martha and her excellent work.”

So I called, here’s how the conversation went.

me: “hello I was referred by so&so, I’m looking for a practitioner who can help me with my Candida”

her: “yes?”

me: “yes, I’m looking for help with Candida treatment”

her: “yes? what else”

me: “Just Candida, Candida is a pretty big deal and a lot to treat”

her: “It’s just a symptom”

me: “ok, what is it you do”

her: ” I will change the DNA of your body so Candida is no longer an issue”

In the end I got on her 2 month long waiting list, I’m not sure why, disparity?