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Thanks for responses.

I am drinking a lot of fluids, particularly chamomile and a number of different detox teas. Those teas have burdock and milk thistle in but im not sure of the quantities. I’ve also started taking vitamin C.

I had been slacking on the diet in the hopes that it would shorten my die off. However i have noticed feeling much worse after eating. Am i right in thinking that eating correctly will lessen and shorten my die off?

As for symptoms, my anxiety has subsided (relatively speaking), as has my stomach upset. In their place i am feeling very weary, disorientated, my thoughts appear somewhat off kilter, im often light headed, and now i feel as though i have a sort of strange head pressure. Having said that, symptoms are fluctuating and are disappearing as quickly as they appear.

I think i will stay away from oil of oregano until i am feeling substantially better.