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Hatty;37355 wrote: Danny – I have read you can get a negative if you’ve had the over-growt for a really long time, the reason being that the body stops making antibodies. I on the other hand have positive results and barely any symptoms. My doctor now wants me to take a urine test which I believe can see if my body is still fighting the fungus but I’ve also read that this is not always correct.


With all the respect, I can educate you about it. It isn’t that you get a negative because the infestation is new or old, but the branch of the immune system that develops a response when a fungal mucosal overgrowth ( such as the intestinal) occur isn’t the Th2 or humoral immune response ( antibody formations ) but Th1 or cell-mediated immunity.

So, specific high antibodies for candida albicans mucosal overgrowth aren’t seen commonly.

Be aware that a systemic yeast overgrowth rises the antibodies since this response is more implicated in these cases. This is why MDs order the candida antibody panel since they ignore the test isn’t effective for a mucosal growing.