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raster wrote: Hello Mk3,

The only thing I would change is what you eat. For instance, rice is very starchy like potatoes (which are not on diet) and contain low amounts of sugar…I would remove these and replace with buckwheat(only 25% starch) as an alternative. I noticed I progressed a ton more when I cut out all rice products. I love the rice cakes too, but just not good enough for the strict diet.

Same with almond butter. I would save both of these items until your leaky gut is mostly healed. Is it fresh almond butter? Almond butter is rather high in mold and can set you back some. I was highly allergic to it early on.

There are a ton more vitamins and supplements we can recommend such as SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne. The list can be very long.

There is a great teff bread recipe on the forum and the pumpkin pie muffin bread is anti-inflammatory.


Ok – thanks for the advice.

As far as buckwheat…would these be ok?
buckwheat graots
Creamy buckwheat