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Wow, raster that sounds wonderful!!!! I am happy for you.
I am not there yet, but things are getting more stable. I feel that I am on the right track and out of the fog. I haven’t had a full blown panic attack since I started here in the forum. Even the all the other symptoms are calming down a lot. There are days now where I only suffer them for about 10 percent and even less.

I will never change that diet and are not longing back to sugar and unhealthy living.

Today I a great day for me too. I finally managed to get hold on two whole organic chickens which I have now in the freezer. Christmas will be special, it will be first time with chicken for me after I started here. I am all positive about the work you put down here Able and raster. I have more trust in you than in the doctors I have being unfortunate to meet.

Today I read in a science magazine that new ground breaking resurge is being done about bacteria living in symbiosis with us and what happens to the human if this relationship is harmed. They where talking about a direct connection between the intestines and the brain. They wrote there too that even Autism and schizophrenia could have its starting point in a unbalanced or sick bacteria culture.

I believe a lot of these doctors we have to deal and suffer from are still holding to their old believes and have a hard time allowing themselves to think in a new way.

I am very happy for you guys and the forum here!

Lots of greetings from Sweden!