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Congratulations, Lucy !

I guess you know that you just made my day, truly. I’d love to post your story as “Proof” that the protocol we have here actually works – if you will allow me to do so.

Quote: She congratulated me on doing a great job and that my diet obviously had hugely sped up the process as she hadn’t seen such improvement before!!

Reply: This is really great news, Lucy. Do you realize you’ve done something that a person will usually go their entire lifetime without witnessing? You’ve actually proved to a doctor that your own opinion isn’t necessarily ridiculous; a remarkable accomplishment in itself.

And a big commendation to you, because as you know, without your dedication to the protocol and diet, they wouldn’t have a chance. Unfortunately, there’s also proof on the forum that without dedication the protocol can’t do a thing in the way of healing.

Quote: So I’m delighted to report that this diet DOES work. Some are seeing slower progress than others and some have far more severe Candida to start off with but I just wanted to share this to show that if you do stick to the diet, antifungals and supplements recommended on this forum… you really can see results. (I’ve also been pretty much symptom free for 2 weeks now too)

Reply: Again, all I can do is keep replying, “congratulations” again and again. This is a day you’re going to long remember as a mile post to your own abilities to cure yourself with your own knowledge and dedication. Something that the doctors usually hate about their wiser patients.

Take care, and please keep us posted as to your success at adding new foods to your diet.

Way to go.