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Thomas wrote: Able, what about adults using B- vitamins? I am still taking them should we too stop it? In the old post from you called Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs I dont find B-vit either.

Hello, Thomas.

The reason that I never recommend a B complex vitamin is twofold.

1) First, I’m not even certain that the correct ratio of B vitamins can be found in a B complex vitamin. A ‘correct’ ration would supposedly be exactly 100% of the RDA for every B vitamin. I’ve seen one that contained 100% RDA for seven of the vitamins, but for the folic acid they raised the percentage it to something like 500%. My question is, how do the makers know that you need exactly 400% more of the folic acid than you do all other vitamins? If they don’t know you and your specific need for folic, why is it not 100% like the others?

2) Another thing is, unless you’ve been tested for every B vitamin deficiency, when you take a large dosage (even 100% RDA) of B vitamins, you could be creating a deficiency of one or more of the B vitamins. The reason I say this is because a lot of people have a genetic tendency to be deficient in one or two vitamins but not all.

The best way to obtain the correct ratio of B vitamins is to take a natural probiotic such as kefir. During an illness or following an illness or even following bad diet habits, taking a probiotic is the next best way to eating kefir. Your body will use the probiotics to make the amount of B vitamins needed for your particular system.