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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

Quote: My biggest questions are 1) how to determine the difference between die-off and another type of allergic reaction.

Reply: Whether or not you will be able to tell much of a difference depends on how well your daughter is able to communicate with you as well as if there is a big enough difference in the way she acts. To describe the die-off symptoms: total fatigue, so with a child, they would likely sleep a lot during that time.
Die-off symptoms can be quite debilitating, even for an adult. One very good supplement for the symptoms of die-off will protect the liver from the Candida toxins as well as lessen die-off effects, it’s called Molybdenum. This is an essential mineral already found in the human body, and supplements are available in vitamin stores. According to the Food and Nutrition Board children between the ages of 4 and 8 need 22 mcg daily. Frankly, I don’t see what 1 mcg daily wouldn’t be alright for a two year old, but I would suggest that you speak with her doctor first. Don’t be surprised if he says “no” to Molybdenum since it isn’t a prescription, but rather a natural mineral found in many foods. For the die-off stemming from a Candida infestation normally more is needed that what’s available in the foods we eat. As I stated, supplements are available, but I don’t know if there would be one available which would allow you to measure such a small amount. Perhaps you could check with a local vitamin or health food store in your area.

Quote: is it possible that she has an external candida infection that is not based in her gut and intestines? I feel it would not be a major problem to use antifungals on the skin. I sincerely want to avoid drugs and oral antibiotics of all kinds.

Reply: Drugs and oral antibiotics will only make the symptoms worse and allow the infestation to grow and multiply.
Even though the infection may be skin-based, you should still treat it from the inside out. The Candida are definitely in her body if they‘re on her skin, there’s no doubt about that. The Gentian Violet, also known as Methyl Violet which Raster mentioned should help to alleviate the itching and burning of her skin.
If your daughter will eat green vegetables, I would feed her as much of these as she will eat, at every meal. If there’s any way you can stop giving her milk, this will help tremendously. You can feed her organic non-sweetened Greek yogurt as often as necessary for calcium and extra protein. If she refuses to eat it plain, you can add a bit of Truvia sweetener and perhaps the taste will make it easier for her to eat. Of course, if she’ll drink kefir this will be the best way to give her the benefits of milk during the treatment.
Also, avoid giving her regular cereals; you can purchase something called “Cream of Buckwheat” from Amazon and possibly some health food stores. Also avoid giving her pork and red meat as well as potatoes, rice, crackers, and bread. Look over the recipe section of the forum to see if there are any recipes that she may eat. You may want to read over the allowed foods list from the forum as well.