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Quote: “I just want to understand one thing then. Is it your opinion that it is harmful to give even small amounts of three of the B vitamins in a “random” ratio?”

Reply: I think you’re missing the whole point of my message. The point is that, rather than having to worry about whether or not even a ‘small’ amount of three different B vitamins would be harmful, why not take a strong probiotic and allow the intestines to make exactly what is needed for you in the correct amounts? Do you see my point?

Quote: “It is very reasonable to find out the correct ratios of all the vitamins you need for your personal issues. I simply can’t see an effective way of determining that. If there were an effective way, I imagine that the costs and time involved would be large.”

Reply: Actually, it’s not that reasonable because you’re right about it being expensive, nor is a test always conclusive or correct. Again, the point is you don’t need to know because your body does, and given the correct tools the body takes care of its needs. This is the same principle as using digestive grape bitters as opposed to taking individual enzymes.