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jamespaul wrote: went to see a specialist about my condition, she gave me this plan, fought i would pop it on here, see what you guys think of it and you may take something from this as it was so expensive lol!!

James Paul Treatment Program 4.10.12

Supplements: all available from online shop Natural Dispensary – please ring them up and order, giving them my code will enable you to order without registering first, also you will get a 10% discount on all the products;
Natural Dispensary (, phone: 01453 757792, CODE: LNT010)

Vitalyze (NutriVital): take 3 capsules in morning, 2 capsules in evening
Citricidal 45ml (Higher Nature): take 5 drops 2x daily in some water between meals – can also be used as mouthwash – use 10 drops for ¼ glass of water, rinse mouth several times and spit out
Vitashine Vitamin D3 5000iU (Vitashine): take 1 capsule daily with a meal
Glutagenics (Nutri): take 1 teaspoon 3x daily mixed in water
Zinc Methionine 15mg (Bonusan): take 1 tablet first thing in the morning and 1 tablet last thing at night before bed.

You are already taking: Vitamin C 1000mg – increase dose to 5g/day, take 5 tablets throughout the day for 1.5 weeks, then drop to 2g/day
Keep taking the probiotics – udos choice, 1-2 capsules daily with a meal.
Keep taking the milk thistle supplement with the recommended dose.

Nutrigest 90’s (Nutri): take 1-2 capsules with dinner or with any other heavy meal to aid digestion.
UltraInflamX –neutral or mango flavour (Nutri): mix2-3 scoops in some liquid
Siberian Ginseng 520mg (Solgar): take 2-3 capsules daily
Melatonin: take 1 capsule 1 hour before bed, can take 1 more capsule just when going to bed to help you sleep, please order from the link below:

Diet: as discussed here are some dietary suggestions:
eat foods that are as unprocessed and natural as possible, try to buy organic fruit & vegetables when possible

Use coconut oil, which has got many health benefits, contains lauric acid which is very good for digestion and immune system, in your cooking. The brand TIANA produces very good quality ones

An ideal breakfast would be: porridge (gluten free) is a very nourishing food, that is also great for the nervous system, pre-soak the oats with warm water with some added whey/buttermilk/yoghurt/kefir for at least 7-24 hrs before eating. Then simmer with some water in the morning, stir in coconut oil 1-2 teaspoons and add some pre-soaked flax seeds or almonds etc.

The nuts/seeds need to be soaked in water with some added sea salt for at least 7-24hrs to break down enzyme inhibitors, which otherwise block your absorption of minerals, try to get raw organic nuts/seeds, after simmering you can add coconut milk, goats milk, almond milk etc, or raw jersey cow, goat or buffalo milk is even better, you can get those from farmers markets

You could also have eggs/omelets for breakfast or some slices of spelt bread with fish/lean meat, or cottage cheese & avocado etc,
Any fermented foods are very beneficial for GIT health as they naturally contain friendly gut bacteria: Sauerkraut and Kefir are excellent, have a look here:
At naturalfoodfinder there is also a list for online sources of raw milk and organic meats/fish
For organic, pasture-fed meat have a look here also:
Or here:
Raw milk from buffalo, goats & Jersey cows is highly nutritious and has been shown to be beneficial for many health problems (including asthma and eczema/allergies).
You can see whether there are any local farmers markets near you, by checking with your postcode at the following link:
Riverford deliver organic vegetables and other produce to you once weekly:
Have fish (oily types) 3x weekly or more
Cut out wheat/refined carbohydrates, don’t have any soy products unless its fermented soy (natto, tempeh)
Increase your protein intake! Make sure you have some type of protein with every meal to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings. Protein shakes are very good to quickly boost your protein level, you can add raw milk or coconut/other nut milks, some maca powder, coconut oil/manna etc. You can get protein shakes from here:
Dr Mercola Miracle Whey and Sun Warrior are the best brands.
Add 1-2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar to some water and drink in evenings or before heavy meals to aid digestion
Have herbal teas: fennel, chamomile, sage to help digestion and valerian, lemon balm, lavender, oats, passionflower etc in the evening before bed to help relax you
Don’t have any products that are ‘light’, low fat or with artificial sweeteners!
Use coconut oil and butter for cooking – no other oils, flaxseed, virgin olive and pumpkin seed oil are good on salads
Eat slowly and chew your foods well!
A fantastic way to alkalise your system is by juicing:
Juices: You can make a juice with
1 apple
Carrots – 30 – 40%
Raw beetroot (20%)
These above make the basis of the juice and you can add any of the following:
Cucumber – 20%
Raw potato – small piece
Parsley 10% – good for the kidneys
Fresh coriander leaves 10%
Spinach 10%
Sprouts (sunflower shoots, snow pea greens, alfalfa sprouts etc.)
Celery 10%
You can also optionally add a little of any of the following: asparagus, kale, chard, bok choy, cabbage, courgette, peas, squash, broccoli, cauliflower.

Treatment Rationale:

Your blood showed signs of acidity (crystals and aggregation of red blood cells),
Slight candida and fungal overgrowth, overall congestion and high toxin load, a
compromised immunity, liver stress, a slight inflammation of the GIT mucosal lining
and a mild leaky gut.
There was a suboptimal uptake of nutrients and protein detectable.

The supplements I have recommended will correct the nutritional deficiencies, and
combat candida overgrowth.
Vitalyze and Citricidal are good anti-bacteria and anti-fungals, they will combat the
dysbiosis. Glutagenics will help repair the inflamed digestive mucosal lining. Zinc is
an essential key nutrient for mucosa and skin health as well.
Vitamin D is essential for healthy immune function and for skin health.
The under optional listed nutrigest contains digestive enzymes that help break down
the food.
Make sure that you sit down when you eat and don’t stress or worry and chew

The Ultrainflamx is a good supplement that contains ingredients to heal a leaky gut
and also supports your liver, you can use that on its own as a protein shake or mix it
with some of the others.
Siberian Ginseng has been shown to increase endurance and speed up recovery time
during exercise, it is also a good energy tonic.

Some good advice in there James, but plenty in there that the experts on here would disagree with. I spent money at first on expensive blood testing & consultations with a herbalist/naturopath but in the end stopped it as I felt I learnt more from studying Able & Rasters posts.

I would look for a stronger probiotic & read the supplement protocol on here. I would stay away from fruit & high gi veg like carrots (i read somewhere that they were higher on the gi scale than m&m’s).

I would only consume the dairy products advised after you have fermented them to kefir.

I wouldn’t eat porridge & avoid nuts & seeds until a much later stage (but the soaking advice is sound).

Melatonin is a hormone, be careful supplementing with it. I would cycle on & off (4 on, 8 off) it if I were you. Too much can lower testosterone – which if you have candida is prob lower than desired at the moment. Other supps that help your melatonin are 5htp, magnesium (a fantastic supplement), & inositol. It might be worth trying meditation as well.