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KiwiRae;60383 wrote: Hi Catherine, Feeling empathetic for you and Jess! I have treated myself and my two boys (now 11 & nearly 9) for Candida overgrowth and consequent symptoms. Unfortunately for my children, they inherited my poor ecology and struggled with known symptoms from birth, although I did not recognize them until years later when my own state of health seriously unraveled after heavy antibiotic use. Clearly I think I was also predisposed to this dibilitating ‘infestation’ and decided to work on correcting the health of my boys while they are young. I hope you’ll be pleased to know it is totally achievable, and at least in my children, has not required the strictness of diet I once imposed upon myself. Rae

Hi KiwiRae

Thats great to hear they got free of it. Its bad enough when we have it but feels awful to know our children have been suffering for years with it, missing out on childhood. My daughter certainly has been, she wont walk anywhere far due to her leg pain. Its obviously due to the candida wiping her of vitamin D. She took vitamins and it was much better but then they seem to make no difference again. It worries me that it if anything helps the candida by feeding them more by taking the suppliments. Moving to a hot country would help lol but I sadly cant do that and I cannot stand the heat since my overgrowth got worse.

We’ll get there! 🙂