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Psalm, as far as your methylation status, you dont look that bad. You might want to add in some hydroxyb12, but being comt 158 and 62 +/+, you are highly likely to overmethylate incredibly easily. The comt/mao mutations help offset the mthfr 1298 mutation.

You likely do need some treatment based on your results, just not methyl groups. You are likely to benefit from a cbs protocol, the mainstays of which are a sulfur free diet and supplementation with molybdenum and yucca root. I have yet to personally deal with someone with a 699 mutation that didnt benefit from this treatment. It is so far, by far, the most popular mutation ive seen on this forum.

Dr Boggess is really great. How long is his waiting list right now?

Run your detox panel and pay the $20 or whatever for the mthfrsupport panel if you can. So far you only have part of the whole story your raw data can tell.