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Im having difficulty finding a specific answer to a question i have on 2 of your mthfr mut’s, but here it goes…

You only have one 1 first priority mutation, the cbs c699t. If you are not aware of the routine, you should a employ a low sulfur diet. Molybdenum and yucca root help deal with the effects of this upregulation. Read up on heartfixer for further info if you need to. Treating this first is important because as you start creating more homocysteine more is going to be available to drain down the transsulfuration pathway and the effects of the mutation are going to get worse. Those 3 AHCY mutations do help that though. The other way you should address this is to add in some tmg (betaine) when you start supplementing the b’s.

Although you struck out with the mthfr mut’s, you lucked out in that you should tolerate more methyl groups very well. You shouldnt overmethylate very easily is what I mean. You definately need some methylfolate. The 03 p39p mutation is supposed to be a bad one, worse than the c677t from what ive read. I was trying to find out what the loss of function with both of those is, and if functional loss only took on the characteristic of the worst gene if they are both located on the same strand (which you wouldnt know with a 23andme test, they dont report that information) to get an idea how severe your mutations are. Nonetheless, you need methylfolate. Some mb12 is always a good thing to take with methylfolate, you might get enough in an oral multi supplement, but it might benefit you to use some sublingually. Your final doseage should windup around 100-200 mcg a day of mb12 if used that way, 1000-2000mcg if taken orally(which is not as dependable). Methylfolate (use quatrafolic or metafolin) doseage should wind up between 200-800 mcg a day, and I also recommend a couple hundred mg’s of tmg and maybe 20 mg’s of b2 as r5p.

As for the maoa snp, there isnt a whole lot you can do about that but avoid things like 5-htp, st johns wort, ssri’s and maybe foods high in tryptophan if it is problematic, as you are likely not breaking down serotonin as quickly as most.