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Thank you very much Impossible. It’s so great that you take time to help us out like that. Really appreciated.

I’ll go into a bit more detail about myself. I’m 36 yr old male. I’m actually fairly healthy or so it seems if you looked at me as I’m in good shape. I’ve healed myself recently with a higher fat diet. Lots of MCT oil, grass fed butter, coconut oil, low carb paleo diet with moderate protein intake all from grass fed animals & lots of vegetables. Before that I was in pretty bad shape with severe constipation, really bad anxiety and social anxiety, irritability, insomnia, failing adrenals and low energy.

I had some of the worst adrenal fatigue my doctor has ever seen. It’s improved but I literally had zero cortisol in the mornings. This happened after moving into my grandparents old house and remodeling it, painting, changing carpet, moldy bathrooms….. My body shut down during that time. Also had mercury fillings as a child which I had all of them removed in 2004.

I still get the low energy but not as bad and I get very irritable if I don’t get my sleep and I have trouble falling asleep still and I can’t tolerate any alcohol. One glass of wine will put me out of commission for a day or two. I think my gut issues may be healed, it’s hard to measure that.

Before I learned about this gene mutation, I went to a chinese doctor and they told me I had a congested liver and low glutathione so I went a month with high doses of liposomal glutathione and liposomal vitamin C and did several colonics. I actually felt GREAT after doing this but it’s probably not good because the glutathione is high sulfur, correct?

I’m excited to start the B vitamins, I just want to get it down to a perfect science so thank you impossible for getting me started here.