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blueocean;55078 wrote:

Have you tried stopping them for a few days yet?

Sorry for the late reply I’ve been traveling.

So, an update. I got some sulfate and some sulfite test strips and tested my urine. For the Sulfate my results showed to be > 800mg/L, < 1200mg/L and my sulfite test was literally 0 mg/L.

Impossible, is this what you would expect for someone with my CBS mutation? Thank You

That is getting up there. That is about the top end of where I have tested at. In doing back to back testing on myself, I have found that my brain fog is noticably worse when I get up to and over 800 and cannot get to what I consider clear or clearish until I get my level down to 200. Everyone is different though. I have given the test strips to 3 other healthy people and they all tested at <200.