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impossible;54180 wrote: VDR Taq is related to vit D levels. Have you tried going sulfur free yet? If so, hows it going?

OK, thanks. As I mentioned, as soon as they found the VDR Taq +/+ they did a Vitamin D test and Homocysteine test on me and found my Vitamin D level to be 12.0 (normal range is 30-100). So, that might be a big thing. But it won’t be a couple of months until I see a difference.

I am now seeing a new doctor (Methylation expert) in Hendersonville, NC. My first impressions of her last week were very good, and she put me through some more tests, and she seemed very knowledgeable. I see her in two weeks time to see how she’s going to address my Methylation issues with a treatment protocol.
I am still looking into reduced sulfur diet and have already cut eggs out completely.
We’ll see what treatment protocol she comes up with in a few weeks time! 🙂