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kodaz2005;36712 wrote: Ever since I developed this horrible disease I have been dealing with a lack of motivation.

Actually, a lack of motivation is one of the many symptoms of a Candida overgrowth. Below is a partial list of the symptoms of just the infestation itself; there can be other symptoms combined with these when you’re experiencing the die-off toxins, and many of the symptoms overlap. Headaches, for example, are a symptom of both the infestation and die-off. Keep in mind that any symptom can show up at any time during the infestation. Just because you didn’t have a specific symptom last month doesn’t mean you won’t have it next month.

• headaches/migraines
• mental confusion
• inability to think clearly or concentrate
• hyperactivity
• mood swings
• Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
• easily irritated
• depression
• attacks of anxiety or crying
• poor memory
• learning difficulties
• panic attacks
lack of motivation
• unexplained fatigue
• feeling mentally and physically drained
• great difficulty losing weight
• numbness, burning or tingling
• insomnia
• dizziness/vertigo
• shaking or irritable when hungry
• allergies
• food sensitivity
• leaky gut syndrome
• spots in front of eyes
• excessive tearing
• burning in eyes
• asthma
• sinus inflammation
• persistent cough
• dry or sore throat
• earaches /ear infections
• itchy ears
• low sex drive
• endometriosis
• infertility
• impotence
• muscle weakness /pain
• lack of coordination
• dizziness/loss of balance
• adrenal fatigue
• low body temperature
• cold hands and feet
• sluggish thyroid, but tests come back normal
• athletes foot/ other fungal infections
• sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, or other odors
• acne
• itching anus
• eczema
• rashes
• hives