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dvjorge;52270 wrote: The most important to heal leaky gut is to correct what is causing it.

In the case of pathogenic growth, such as candida, there will be chronic intracellular inflammation caused by it. This is the cause of leaky gut for those who are battling an intestinal candidiasis. Until the inflammation don’t disappear, there will be leaking.

Glutamine won’t do anything on chronically inflammated tissues. In fact, Glutamine is vital for candida to morph to a more invasive and virulent form.


I talked to my naturopath about glutamine at length tonight. He stated that glutamine is highly anti-inflammatory and is a great product to heal leaky gut because it heals the mucousal membrane. Its most beneficial property is its ability to convert/digest gluten and caseine (dairy) and promotes the ability for your body to digest both of these without problems in the future.

The other supplements in his leaky gut protocol include fermented cod liver oil, okra pepsin (for some people and not others who are constipated), and HMF neuro.