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impossible;52249 wrote: For some people it can really be a problem in the way that T.J. mentioned. Glutamate problems do extend beyond those with methylation problems. Anyone with neuro inflammation, which is typical with inflammation of many forms, can deal with the effects of this. That is why people experience things like headaches, anxiety and/or insomnia during times of illness. Some people dont have a problem with supplementing glutamine though, it would seem as though they just dont have a problem making too much glutamate from amino acids or converting glutamate to gaba. 23andme results ran through mthfrsupport can offer some insight on this too. Heavy metals, particularly mercury, can hamper the conversion too, by interfering with the production of the enzymes involved. Yasko goes into that in Pathways.

Interestingly, even allopathic medicine is finally beginning to treat “standard” cases of anxiety and ocd type problems and even addiction with therapies targeted at glutamate toxicity. Though they dont really get into the causes. Big surprise there.

Also, fyi, one of the reasons that many people feel instantly better from chelating mercury, or better when they’re on their round, is the same reason they experience candida overgrowth. Most chelating substances have particular anti-inflammatory effects on the innate immune system, which directly reduces the source of excess glutamate production in the brain.

I don’t have any of those side effects that TJ mentioned. I do feel a sense of tightening in the stomach area about 45 minutes after taking it. I equate it with some type of healing based on everything I have read online. Most information online indicates an individual with Leaky Gut should feel Glutamine working shortly there after. Who knows how extensive my damage is though.

Nearly every online regimen for leaky gut has glutamine listed as a staple for healing the gut. I have read hundreds of articles, studies & recommendations on the subject and not once have I ever read of glutamine feeding candida.