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kodaz2005;52240 wrote:

My main problems have historically been sleep. I take PS-100 (aka Phosphatidylserine) and sulphur (homeopathic) and between these I typically get a good sleep.

My naturopath recommended methyl-guard and methyl-guard plus as good supplements to take starting out if you want to address this cycle (made by thorne).


Raster, where do you get your sulphur from and in what form do you take it?

I have trouble sleeping. I keep trying to go to bed early but my body won’t seem to do more than 6 hours no matter what. I tried taking melatonin to no avail.

I have taking Glutamine Powder mixed in with water on an empty stomach a few times per day. My sleep has been amazing with dreams pretty much every night. This is something I have been missing for a while.

I know Glutamine is recommended on this site for it’s potential healing power to the gut lining. It’s a precurser of Gluthathione. Many individuals that can benefit from methylation are Gluthathione deficient.

I would be curious what some of the more knowledgable people like impossible think about supplementing Glutamine.

I’ll let impossible chime in as well, but glutamine is also readily converted into glutamate which is something most with methylation dysfunction want to avoid. Glutamate is an excitotoxin that is supposed to be balanced alongside GABA and can contribute to anxiety, insomnia, poor eye contact, brain fog, among other things. Amy Yasko recommends that you should avoid supplements containing glutamate/glutamine for this reason.

On the other hand, glutamine is a pretty popular supplement to heal the gut lining so the pros may outweigh the cons in your case, I don’t know. If you feel better on it I’d continue taking it, just look out for the symptoms I just mentioned.