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benc wrote: I felt crap on candida clear, plus 2-3 cups of pau d arco tea per day, so much so the eczema on my hands blew up so badly I could pick anything up or cut food up. I stopped it & instead am taking herbs that the herbalist I am seeing put together for me. My skin has started to recover, but still have low energy. I’m expecting molybednum to arrive tommorow though.

So you had a bad die-off or you think it didn’t do anything for you.

I am shivering in a 20 degrees Celsius apartment and sweater! My kids jump when I touch them because my hands are cold as ice. I have goosebumps when I move around after sitting for a while, like I’m out in some severe cold weather. This just started happening few days ago when I increased Candida Clear dosage. I don’t think it’s a die-off, or is it? Candida Clear isn’t even that strong!