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raster wrote: Antifungals do not work like molybdenum to eliminate die-off symptoms. Antifungals in large doses typically cause die-off and typically makes it worse.

I was just wondering if with this particular mixture, because it contains pau d’arco (which Able said can help to remove toxins from die off) that perhaps the die off would be less severe. Although I am guessing probably not if it is such a mixture of antifungals.

I have been taking hot baths with epsom salts but will do so more often (even though it is summer here!) and look into some antioxidants, thanks for the suggestions.

xday2dazex – your post was reassuring, thank you. I kind of thought those symproms would be the first to disappear on this regime, but I guess not. Have slowed down the antifungals for now.